Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 weeks

I can hardly believe that our boys are 4 weeks old already! I can hardly believe that they've been in the hospital for 4 weeks. I can hardly believe that it's been 2 months and 4 days since I've lived at home.

Everyone is doing so good! I was informed just this morning that Seth and Paul may be released from the hospital in just a few short days. They are taking their bottles regularly and if they continue to do so, then they will get to leave. Clay is not too far behind either, just a little smaller. Because he is a little smaller, he just doesn't have the same strength as Seth and Paul. So, he's not able to take his bottles regularly like them. He is taking full bottles, but is not able to do so on a regular basis. I think it will only be a matter of days before he's able to do so! :)

Paul weighs: 5lbs 1 oz
Seth weighs: 5lbs 1 oz
Clay weighs: 4lbs 12oz

Shane and I are SO ready to take them all home!!! We should also let everyone know that we really have to limit our visitors for a while. At least until the boys are a little older. We know that everyone is anxious to meet them all. But you have to remember that they were born 2 months early, so their immune systems are not very strong at all. We have been told by our doctors, nurses, and case managers that we can not expose them to a lot of people. They can especially not be around children and adults that are around children because this is a heavy RSV season. RSV is a respiratory virus that affects infants and small children, especially premature babies. RSV season lasts until April.

I promise to post new pictures soon, I am just not able to for a few days. I am staying at the hospital in a "sleep room" outside of the NICU so that I can take care of the boys every time they wake up. I only have a dial up connection on my computer while I'm at the hospital, so you can imagine that it would take forever for me to post new pics.

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A Mom Two Boys said...

Yay! Hope you're able to get some good sleep before you get those boys home, because, well, who knows then!

And damn, I was planning on coming out WITH the boys as soon as you all got home, but I guess now I won't. God. You're so selfish wanting to keep them healthy.
Sheesh. :0)