Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our next adventure

So, we all ventured out to Wal-Mart today. Shane had 2 of the boys in the double stroller, and I had the other with me in a cart. We split up when we got there so that Shane could exchange some formula while I grabbed a few things. We were feeling adventurous, but we didn't want to make a whole day of it or anything. We just wanted to get what we needed and get out. You know, just to try it out.....

We got a lot of looks from everyone, but we were practically running through the store. So, no time to sit and make conversation or anything. The few people that were around us long enough to get a sentence out kept saying, "Is that 3 babies?" I wanted to say, "No, people it's 5!" You know, just to get a good laugh. I felt like Bill Engvall....."here's your sign."

We did meet a worker at Wal-Mart that had twin boys that were born 4 months early and in the NICU for 4 months. Both of them had to have a couple of surgeries. Don't worry, they are doing great now - 16 months old according to their proud Father......Boy, my family sure has been fortunate!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Off we go!

Getting ready for our big adventure!

Mom and the boys

Seth & Paul

Dad and the boys

This one is just a funny picture!

Here are some recent photos of our crew. We decided to take the boys on a picnic Sunday and it was really nice! The weather was perfect and the boys did really good. We took them for a walk and then sat for a picnic. Thinking back, I don't think any of them got upset the whole time! It was really awesome.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


If April showers do bring may flowers, I hope they won't be drowning mine! I can't wait for some prettier weather. We are so ready for May to get here so that we can leave the house with the boys. All of us are looking forward to getting out and doing something as a family - it's been a while! I am sure it will be an experience worth sharing with all of you. Something for all my readers to look forward too......

The boys are 3 months old - TODAY! We can hardly believe that we've already had them for 3 months. It has made us realize that time truly does fly by. The boys are growing and changing every day, each of them with their own distint personalities. It's amazing to just look at our 3 babies and know that they were all created at the same time. It still blows my mind.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hanging out

Paul, Clay, and Seth
hanging out in the recliner
Luke and Clay

The boys

Here are some recent photos of the boys. As you can see, Luke had to make his way in there too! I'm sure some of you are wondering why Luke is in the house and in these photos........hasn't he been banished to live outside? Well, Luke has been letting us know in his own way that he is not an outside dog. Since his last little adventure cost him a trip to the vet and 5 staples in his leg, we have temporarily allowed him back inside. We'll see how this works out!