Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 years ago Today...

The Kesler Crew came home!
The photo above is the VERY first time that we saw our boys all together, side by side. This photo was taken February 4, 2008 at my parents house. It was the day that we brought our boys home and it was when I officially moved back home after being away for over 3 months.

Here are some photos of what our boys look like 2 years later! Such big guys!!! In the photo above the got in the chair by themselves to watch their favorite show - Yo Gabba Gabba. I rounded the corner and this it what I saw, so I quickly grabbed my camera to get this photo.
Here are the boys sitting at our table playing with some of their favorite toys - puzzles!
Time is flying by, but we are loving every minute of it. I can't imagine what life would be like with a single child - I think we might be a little bored! There is never a dull moment around our house and I don't think there ever will be. Our little miracles...oh, the stories we will be able to share!

We love being outside!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grocery Savings

Above is a photo of my grocery receipt from last week. Can you believe the savings? I spent $67.44 and saved $72.50. That's a 54% total savings!

Our local grocery store ran a pretty incredible sale last week and I was able to "stack" almost all of my purchases with coupons. By "stack" I mean that I was able to use a coupon for almost every item that was already on sale! Some of my great finds were:

Oscar Mayer hotdogs
normally priced at $3.29/pack
purchased 3 for $.99 each

Pampers baby wipes
normally priced at $2.69
purchased 3 for $.99 each

Finish dishwasher tabs
normally priced at $5.69
purchased 1 for $.49

Yogurt (4 pack)
normally priced at $2.29/pack
purchased 3 for $.88 each

Goldfish snacks
normally priced at $2.00
purchased 2 for $.49 each

My local grocery store is running another great sale this week, so I am anxious to see what other great savings I can get. I'll try to get a picture of my items this time!