Monday, November 3, 2008

10 months

Seth, Clay, and Paul (L to R)
Playing outside (Seth, Paul, & Clay - L to R)

Paul, Seth, Clay (L to R)

Wow - I can hardly believe that our little guys are 10 months old today. I was SO pregnant this time last year and now look what we have. We just look at them in disbelief everyday. We are still keeping them on a very tight schedule, it's the only way for us to remain sane! As winter is approaching our doctor has warned us about taking the boys out and having lots of visitors. You know, germs for 3 boys equals BAD NEWS!!! (Especially for their Mom who has to stay home with them.) So, fair warning - if you're wanting to visit please make sure you are well and get ready to wash your hands a LOT!!! More pictures to come soon!
Be sure to get out and vote tomorrow. History is going to be made, be a part of it!