Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're HOME!!!!!

Paul, Seth, & Clay (in that order)
Ready for the ride home to Oxford!

Clay, Paul, & Seth (Left to right)
Asleep in one of their cribs, upstairs in our bedroom
Wow - I can hardly believe that we are ALL finally home!
I know that everyone is wondering how we are doing......
We are all doing really well! Shane and I have kept the boys on a pretty tight schedule, a benefit of them being in the NICU.... We've got our schedule worked out and are able to get sleep and keep it together without freaking out! For the last two nights, Shane and I have been splitting up the feedings so that one of us can get uninterrupted sleep. For example, I did the 12am feeding and Shane did the 4am feeding. It's been working out great for us so far.
We take the boys to the pediatrician tomorrow afternoon for a check up with our new doctor. We will also get a current weight then. I can tell that they are all growing right before our eyes.
Oh Boy! Well, boys! There are some good times to come. Be sure to check back often for updates and pics. My blogging should get a lot better now that we're home. (Again, Meg - I am aspiring to be like you! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!)


A Mom Two Boys said...

Awww, gee, shucks. I love your blog too! Keep it up!

Glad they're all home and that things are going well. Shane is awesome to be helping you out so much. I can't even imagine what DJ would do with 3 of them. Ha! We'd be divorced. Seriously!

Give them kisses for me!

A Mom Two Boys said...

So, what? Are you, like, BUSY or something?

I need my Kesler Baby fix. Luckily Al keeps me well stocked on adorable pictures. Holy crap, they're so cute.