Saturday, January 5, 2008

Meet our boys - born January 3, 2008

Paul Alan Kesler
3 lbs 10 oz
18" Long
Born: 12:56pm
Clay Ellis Kesler
3 lbs 2 oz
16" Long
Born: 12:57pm

Seth Reedy Kesler
3 lbs 12 oz
17" Long
Born: 12:58 pm


A Mom Two Boys said...

BuaWha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I LOVE them! They're so cute and tiny and cute and adorable. I just want to pinch them. But not hard. Soft. Just a little. Maybe hard enough to make them squeak, but definitely not cry.
Congrats! Now the real fun begins!

Krilecia Reardon said...

Yay! I'm so glad the boys are here. They're so beautiful. Can't wait to play with them. Let the fun begin..........and the diapler changes. :)

Krilecia Reardon said...

diaper I mean

TYnANNAsMOM said...

Hope, those are the cutest, tiniest boys! I can't wait to meet them! Welcome to the Mommy Club!