Wednesday, November 28, 2007

27 Weeks and counting

I have been meaning to let everyone know of the baby wipe count.......Shane and I took an average number because there were a lot of different packages of baby wipes. We've come up with a final count of: 100 packs! That's just awesome - thanks to all who contributed.

This 27th week has already been eventful, which is why I've decided to post a blog in the middle of the week. I had an appointment with my high risk OB on Tuesday. At the appointment my high risk OB decided to consult with my regular OB because there were some concerns about me. (I won't go in to great detail as I feel they are a little personal.) Basically, I am doing good and the babies are doing awesome. But as a precaution, my doctors have decided that it would be best for the 4 of us to move in to the hospital for an extended stay. I feel certain that I will be here for several weeks until we deliver. Yippee, I get to spend the Christmas holidays in the hospital!

You can imagine that I was really upset when they told me the news. However, all of my doctors have reassured us that this is simply a precaution. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE ALARMED FOR ME AND THE BOYS! We are all doing great, I promise! They just want me at the hospital where they can monitor me all the time.

So, I was admitted to the Baptist Women's Hospital in Memphis on Tuesday without any forwarning. Shane is on his own at home with the puppies, while the boys and I are being taken care of at the hospital. We have a REALLY nice room that I am free to decorate as I want. Reba has already brought me a little Christmas tree! I just need some presents under it ;) Corey, I have already hung the 3 Peas in a Pod wreath that you made - it has recieved a lot of compliments! Drew and Krilecia, I have all of your dvd's with me - thanks a bunch for sending them. Little did we know that I would need them so soon! Mom, Shane, and Al are bringing me things as I think of them.

I am afraid that Shane has gotten the raw end of this deal. It has not even been 2 days, but Shane and I know that we are facing yet another challenge. When will it end? We know that this is going to be another part of "one of the hardest things we will face". My poor Shane works all day long, goes home to see the puppies, comes to see me, and then goes back home to sleep - only to do it again. I just get to hang out at the hospital with the boys and get taken care of.

Have no fear, I am still working! I am not hooked up to any I.V.'s or anything - just on some pretty serious bed rest. I have access to a fax machine and my laptop with me. So, my company is still letting me work. How awesome is that? :) My doctors are telling me that it's good for me to keep working, it helps with my mental state. They don't want me getting depressed staring at the same walls all day long. It's good for me to have stimulation from the outside world, apparently it will keep me sane!

So, I have been inspired by my step-sis Meghan.....I will commit to "blog" more often. Sorry Meg, I don't think I will be posting any pictures from my hospital room. Well, maybe on a good day. Shane and his mom will be working on the nursery this weekend, hopefully I will get some pictures that I can post.

Please check my blog often and leave me comments. They stimulate my brain as well, so I welcome any comments! The boys and I will continue to rest and relax. Another post coming soon......


Sunday, November 25, 2007

26 Weeks

We had another appointment with my regular OB this week and things are still looking great. He just talked to Shane and I, answering our questions. They did not do an ultrasound, but did put this machine that allowed us to hear the babies heartbeats. My doctor said that it may be difficult for him to locate the 3 babies. Shane was amuzed when I was able to point to 3 different locations on my belly, telling my doctor where the boys were. Don't you know that I was right on the money! He put that little machine right where I had pointed out their 3 locations and we were able to hear 3 strong little heartbeats.

I am now on very limited activity. It's really not that hard to adhere to, as I get SO tired so easily. Basically, I can go places but I have to be able to sit pretty quickly. I can not go shopping anywhere, not to the grocery or anything. So, Shane is on shopping duty. He is not liking it so much. For his sake, if you are heading our way please give me a call as I may have you stop and pick up a few things on your way. (Thanks Mom and Reba for bringing me some stuff when you came to see us.) I am being told that I basically do not need to stand for long periods of time and I need to get as much rest as I can.

We go back to my high risk doctor this week and again we are SO excited to see the boys. I am anxious to see how much they've grown in 2 weeks. I can definately see some changes in my belly, but there is still room to go. (My belly button is still there!) Things have been going well with my diabetes, so I am hoping that they will tell me that I don't have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day. My regular OB suggested that maybe I could start testing twice a day instead of the four, but I have to check with my high risk OB and get their opinion.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing. We were pretty lazy and it was nice! Because Shane and I were home alone on Thursday, we made a turkey breast and Mama Jean's hashbrown casserole - good stuff! We did go over to my grandparent's house on Saturday for the real Thanksgiving feast. It's only about a 15-20 minute drive from our house. My parents, Aunt Margaret, Uncle Steve, brother Ben, sister-in-law Sandy, and nephew Avery were all there. It was so nice to see them all, my grandmother was just thrilled to have us all there. Afterwards everyone came over to see our place and check out the nursey. It was nice to be able to show off our ideas and Shane's hard work.

I can tell that they boys are getting stronger each day. Their movements are getting much more pronounced and coming more frequently. They love to move all around when I am laying in bed. I honestly do not get tired of feeling them! Shane and I talk to them constantly and are getting anxious to meet them. They still have a lot more growing to do, but I can't wait to see what each of them look like. We are still on the look out for a new vehicle, we know that patience is the key. The right one will come along for us. Keep thinking of us and sending us your messages. More posts to come.....

Much love to you all

Sunday, November 18, 2007

25 weeks

The Kesler Crew has made it through another week! Now, we're ready for Thanksgiving. Yummy!!!

We got to see the babies this week, they are just too cute! My doctors are amazed at how well they are all doing. My high risk doctor calls us his "Rock Stars"! Baby A weighs: 1lb 10 oz, Baby B weighs: 1lb 10 oz, and Baby C weighs: 1lb 11oz - that's almost 2lbs each!!! Everyone is just thrilled that they are all weighing about the same and that they are growing just as they should be. We are being told that "the boys" are really about to start putting on some weight now!

With my new found gestational diabetes, I have to adhere to a pretty strict diet of counting carbs. I am also having to test my blood 4 times a day. To be truly honest with everyone, it is not fun. It is reassuring to know my accurate blood sugar throughout the day. So far, so good! My levels have remained within the limits set out by my doctors. Don't get me wrong, I am having some strong sugar cravings. Have no fear, I won't cave in to the cravings - you all know how strong willed I am! Please keep that in mind, I expect LOTS of hershey bars to be delivered to me as soon as I deliver the Kesler boys! :)

Shane was excited to go deer hunting with his brothers this weekend, unfortunately none of them had any luck. I am convinced that men just use hunting as an excuse to get together. Do they really hunt?

Because my movement is pretty limited, Mom decided to come stay with me Saturday night. We made the mistake of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she first got here. (I have never wanted a Hershey bar SO bad!) We just hung out, watched movies, and ate pizza. It was nice to have some girl time while the boys were in the woods hanging out, I mean hunting! I got to sleep in this morning and Mom went right to work unpacking the last of our boxes (all of my fine china), doing laundry, and taking care of me!

The boys have been moving at all hours of the days. I can't tell you how comforting it is to feel them move around. I am feeling more than one moving at a time now, it's just so wild! We go back to my regular doctor this week for a check up. We are also hoping to look at a new vehicle too, so wish is lots of luck - we need a good deal! I hope that everyone has a great week and enjoys your Thanksgiving eats, feel free to send any left overs our way!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here are some pictures of me (courtesy of Krilecia) so that you can see what I look like carrying triplets! There are also just a couple from the shower that my girlfriends threw for me - they are so creative. I am hoping to post a few more from the shower soon.

Lecrisha and me (Hope), at Lecrisha's wedding shop.

From left to right: Mona, Lecrisha, Krilecia, & me - feeling "the boys" move around.

3 peas in a pod baby shower cake, made by Lenny Ring.

Lots of wonderful gifts for "our boys"!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

24 weeks

Wow, this last week was a piece of cake compared to last one! All is going well at the Kesler house. My work has been great, I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of work to do from home so I get to take it easy when I need to. Shane is SO excited because deer season is right around the corner. I'm excited that Thanksgiving is not far off either. We are just trucking right along......

I did go in to my regular OB for the 4 hour torture, I mean glucose test, which was horrible! (Katy - you were SO right about it.) It had to have been one of the most miserable times that I can remember. I won't bore you with all of the details, but I will highlight some of the more memorable moments....Basically, I was not allowed to eat or drink until I got to my doctor's office. I could not even drink water! Once I got to my doctors office I was told to drink this orange drink, this was after they pricked one finger. The drink was absolutely terrible! It was like this thick orange syrup that I had to chug down. (Drew, I had visions of you and Eric acting silly downing maple syrup at Cracker Barrel. I have to say this had to have been WAY worse than that!) To make a long story short I had to sit at my doctors office for several hours while they tested my blood for the sugar levels, all the while NOT EVEN DRINKING WATER!!! (It should be noted that they pricked every finger on my left hand - it did not feel good.) I did have intentions of writing notes or reading a book, but I could not concentrate on anything. The absolute icing on the cake was when they told me that I had indeed failed the test. (ME FAIL?!?!) They diagnosed me with gestational diabetes. :( So, no sugar, candies, or goodies for me - you can all imagine how upset I am about this. Isn't this the time when I am suppose to be able to just eat guilt free? I know, it could be worse so I'm coming to terms with my new found diabetes.

In case you haven't noticed, I have already mentioned cake twice in this blog. I am hurting for some sweets! ;) Actually, I'm just trying to be funny about it. I know that cake and all of my sweet goodies will be back in my life soon.

Shane was able to finish staining the concrete floor in the nursery. I am just so proud of him, it looks superb! We are both really pleased with how it turned out, especially considering this is his first time doing something like that. Shane was also able to get 2 of the cribs put up in the nursey. It's all happening now! We still have a little work to do......our next nursey project is to put a new closet organizer up so that we can start loading it up. I am hoping to work on the curtains this week. It's going to look great when we're done! For those of you that are wondering, I have not had a chance to count the baby wipes that we've received. Vinnie says that I should take a, posts your guesses!

It had been so hard for me to just sit around and watch Shane do all of these projects around the house, but he keeps assuring me that he loves it. He has been working on the nursery, the shed, taking care of all of our animals, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, rearranging furniture, etc....All I want to do is help him and I do what I can, i.e. he does the laundry and I fold, he cooks dinner and I eat! My doctor says that I have to rest as much as possible. Shane just tells me to enjoy it while I can. He is constantly checking on me and making sure that I have everything that I need - all the while working right along.

We go back to the high risk doctor this week and are so excited to see "the boys". They are moving constantly and I just love to feel them. It is the weirdest and most beautiful thing to be able to feel all 3 of them moving. They like to move at different times, but it truly never bothers me. I have been getting tired real easily and am trying to take it easy as much as I can. My belly is still growing, but have no fear - my belly button is still there. It's definately smaller, but it's there! My belly feels really tight, but my Mom assures me that I've got lots of room to grow.

More posts soon to come so keep checking in. Much love to you all!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

23 Weeks

This was a busy week for the Kesler Crew! I was busy with work, doctor appointments, and visiting friends. Work is really crazy! I feel like a "super star" when I go in to my hospitals because I am surrounded by so many people that are asking questions. Kanta can attest to this as we were trying to meet this week and had to move several times, just so we could have a conversation without being interrupted. Don't get me wrong, I do like the attention - but it is really overwhelming too! My doctor appointments went well, they are telling me that I'm progressing right along. I am still on "moderate activity" and feel I will remain so until they put me on bed rest. My travel and general movement are still limited, which I do not mind as I get so tired so easily.

It was wonderful to see my girlfriends, their families, and our families as well over the weekend. My girlfriends threw me my first baby shower, which was a huge hit! We received so much stuff!!!! We have so many baby wipes, bibs, and new-born clothes, it's just amazing! (I'll post a count on the baby wipes as soon as I can.) I have to say again how superb the shower was. Thanks again to you all (Reba, Carley, Mrs. Deborah, Lecrisha, Corey, and Krilecia) for working together in order to do such a great thing for me and my growing family! Thanks also to everyone that was able to attend and those that were not, but sent gifts. Shane and I are honestly dumbfounded by all the love and support we have been receiving from everyone.

Shane is steadily working on the nursey and has hopes to have a finished floor by week end. He's just been working SO hard! I wish I could help, but all I can do is really stay out of the way and bring him what he needs while he works. He told me last night that I was lucky to have a "handy man" for a husband. He was being his silly self, but I know that I am truly fortunate that he is able to do so much. I have never seen him turn down a challenge when it comes to doing things around the house, it truly is wonderful to be married to him.

This week should not be as hectic as the last, although I do have to go see my regular OB for another test. I have to go in for a really long glucose test. My dear girlfriend, Katy Edwards, has forwarned me about it - I know it's not going to be pleasant! I have already taken the one hour glucose test, but it did not give my doctor the definitive answer that he was looking for. He just says it's too hard to determine in one hour as I have 3 babies and me all producing sugar. This one will go much more in depth. I ask that you all wish me luck - you ALL know how much I love my candy and carbs! :)

The boys have been moving A LOT. They keep me awake, but I really don't mind. It's a comfort to feel them moving around all the time, day or night. I am amazed every time! I will see them again in two weeks when I visit my high risk OB again and can not wait. Please keep checking in....there are more posts and pics to come!

Much love to you all