Thursday, January 17, 2008

Raising 3 boys is going to be wild..........

Clay's bed/incubator for the last 14 days - approx
(He wanted out SO bad!!!)

Guess what?!?!
He got out today! :)

This is Clay in his new "big boy" bed.
He's so happy - there is a ton of room to move around.
Mom and Daddy are SO proud of him for Movin' on Up!

Now, I'll get to my title for this blog entry! I learn A Lot of interesting things being in at out of the NICU several times a day. Most things I learn about my boys, some things I learn about other people. Well, today I learned a lesson from my smallest son, Clay. It was a BIG lesson!!!
Let me begin by saying that I know you've got to watch little boys when changing their diapers, as they tend to "void" aka "pee" in all sorts of directions. I didn't know they could poo in other directions as well! I was changing Clay's diaper and I had him good and clean, it was a pretty nasty diaper. Anyway, I lifted both of his legs up to get another diaper under him and what did my sweet baby do???? He projectile pooed about 1 and 1/2 feet and it landed on the inside of his incubator that he was moving out of. It was the craziest thing I've seen. I think that he was REALLy ready for that "big boy" bed and wanted to make sure that he wouldn't have to go back into that incubator! It was hands down the funniest thing that I've witnessed in a while! I'm sure it won't be the last! Maybe it was funny this time because it wasn't at my house.....oh no, what have Shane and I gotten in to??? ;) LOL

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A Mom Two Boys said...

Oh, just wait. You've got YEARS ahead of you where you'll be finding poop in the strangest of places. It's not pretty.
Get used to it!
Glad he's making such good progress! They'll be home sooner than you can imagine!