Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the first day of Fall and it's also our 7th wedding anniversary!

I know I say it all the time, but TIME is really flying by. I can't believe that we are celebrating our 7th anniversary already. It seems like just yesterday that Shane and I graduated college, moved to St. Louis and got married. (I would also like to note, that we dated 4 1/2 years steady before we got married....get your calculators out, that's 11 1/2 years!!!)

So, what were you all doing this time last year?

This time last year I was SO pregnant with triplets, but still having a good time! Shane and I were actually in Memphis with lots of friends for a 2-night concert run with our favorite band WIDESPREAD PANIC!!! Guess who was the designated driver for the weekend? ;) I didn't mind because I was driving our friend Chris Jenkins' awesome ride. It was such a good time, but I was SO tired. Who's idea was it to drive all the way back to our house from Memphis after the concert? Oh yeah, that would be me...I'm glad it was on the weekend.

Happy Anniversary Shane!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No turning back......

P, S, & C (left to right)

S, P, & C (Left to right)

We've achieved another milestone for our sweet boys, they are 8 months old TODAY!!! People say this often, but time is flying by - there is no turning back the clock.....
Updates on everyone.....
Clay has 2 bottom teeth, he loves to smile and show them off! He loves it when his Daddy kisses on his neck, he always throws his head back laughing. The last time I weighed him, he weighed in at about 15 pounds.
Paul also has 2 bottom teeth, whenever we hold him he holds on SO's just the cutest thing. He is VERY aware of his brothers and loves to reach out and touch them when he is near Clay or Seth. He also loves it when his Daddy tickles him, his laugh is SO cute! The last time I weighed him, he weighed in at about 15 1/2 pounds.
Seth is the "King of all Teeth" - he has 2 bottom teeth and has 2 top ones coming in! (He's ready to eat one of his Daddy's steaks.) His laugh is funny, there is really no way to describe it. Only his Daddy can find his tickle spots and make him smile, but I can just look at him and he gives me the sweetest grin. The last time I weighed him, he weighed in at about 16 pounds.