Monday, December 17, 2007


We did the weights of each of the boys today. Suprisingly, it did not take as long as we thought to determine their weights. I won't keep you in suspense anymore.....

Baby A: 3lbs 6 oz
Baby B: 3lbs 3 oz
Baby C: 3lbs 6 oz

We can hardly believe that they have grown this much in only 2 weeks! All of the boys are STILL growing at a normal growth rate with what a single baby would be at this point. Actually, Babies A & C are above average and Baby B is the average size. Just a reminder, Babies B & C are the identical triplets, and their weights are a little different - but not by much!

The boys still have plenty of fluid around each of them, which means that there is still room for each of them to grow. I can tell that they are getting crowded in there, but they still find a way to flip around every day. I honestly don't know how they do it. I can sure feel them moving around all the time! Their movements are getting more pronounced each day.

Shane and I also finalized all of the paperwork to purchase on our Tahoe last week. I was able to see it before I was put in the hospital, but I have not been able to drive it. It's so strange to me that Shane and I have purchased a car that I have not driven! I asked my doctor last week if Shane could wheel me out to at least look at the inside of the Tahoe, he just laughed at me! Laughed at ME!!! So, Shane took a bunch of pictures of the inside and it looks SO good. I can't wait to take it for a drive.


A Mom Two Boys said...

Wow...those are some fast growing boys. I hope you can add another fridge to your kitchen because I think you're going to need it eventually!

Congrats on the Tahoe. I hope you took my advice and got one with a DVD player! :0)

Krilecia Reardon said...

I'm so glad the boys are growing so well. That's comforting to know. Drew and I think about you, Shane and the boys constantly. Love you! :)