Sunday, December 16, 2007

29 Weeks

20 days in the hospital and counting...Another week down and I hope several more to go!

This week was pretty interesting. I had a pretty crazy night Tuesday night. I was apparently having some contractions, and had no idea at the time. While I was on the contraction monitor, which I am on twice a day, the nurse came in to inform me that I was having contractions. She called the doctor and gave me a shot in the back on my arm. The shot made me feel really weird! The best way to describe the feeling was that I was anxious. I was assured several times before taking the shot that it would not affect the babies. Amazingly, the shot calmed everything down and presto - no contractions!

Wednesday morning they decided to start me on a pill that helps control contractions, which I now take twice a day. They also decided to give me steroid shots that help with the babies lung tissue development and caused my face to become really red!

Thursday morning I woke up pretty early with contractions again, that I felt this time! They decided to put me on an IV drip of fluids in case I was dehydrated and also game me another one of the weird shots. It was a pretty crazy morning for me. I was SO glad when Alan and Mom got to the hospital to keep me company. Things again calmed down after I had the shot and I felt a lot better. My doctor came in to talk to me and calm my fears - he's so good! He basically said that my body is just really confused right now. I am carrying 3, 3lb babies - my body can't tell the difference in 3 babies verses 1 baby. So, my body thinks that I am carrying a 9lb baby and that it's time to deliver. He also told me that there were probably a few other reasons that I might be contracting......1) the pill that I am taking needs a few days to build up in my system and work properly 2) I have to drink LOTS of water, which I am not able to do at night when I'm trying to sleep.

I must assure everyone that I am doing much better! Since Thursday morning, my contractions seem to be under control. I am not getting much sleep at all because I wake up about every hour to use the rest room and drink more water. I am tired, but don't mind. I am doing this all for my boys - who are going to LOVE their Mom!! :)

My doctors are being so great! They see no reason why I don't make it to 33 or 34 weeks. We just have to keep a close eye on things. I am reassured that I am in the right place right now for me and the boys. My boys are doing so good!!! They have passed their biophysical profiles everyday with the highest points! I am SO proud! They still have plenty of fluid around them, which means that they have more room to grow. They move around and do flips constantly! We are having a BIG ultrasound tomorrow to determine their weights and growth over the past 2 weeks. I can hardly wait until then. I will definately post another update tomorrow, so please check in.

Love to you all-

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