Wednesday, November 28, 2007

27 Weeks and counting

I have been meaning to let everyone know of the baby wipe count.......Shane and I took an average number because there were a lot of different packages of baby wipes. We've come up with a final count of: 100 packs! That's just awesome - thanks to all who contributed.

This 27th week has already been eventful, which is why I've decided to post a blog in the middle of the week. I had an appointment with my high risk OB on Tuesday. At the appointment my high risk OB decided to consult with my regular OB because there were some concerns about me. (I won't go in to great detail as I feel they are a little personal.) Basically, I am doing good and the babies are doing awesome. But as a precaution, my doctors have decided that it would be best for the 4 of us to move in to the hospital for an extended stay. I feel certain that I will be here for several weeks until we deliver. Yippee, I get to spend the Christmas holidays in the hospital!

You can imagine that I was really upset when they told me the news. However, all of my doctors have reassured us that this is simply a precaution. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE ALARMED FOR ME AND THE BOYS! We are all doing great, I promise! They just want me at the hospital where they can monitor me all the time.

So, I was admitted to the Baptist Women's Hospital in Memphis on Tuesday without any forwarning. Shane is on his own at home with the puppies, while the boys and I are being taken care of at the hospital. We have a REALLY nice room that I am free to decorate as I want. Reba has already brought me a little Christmas tree! I just need some presents under it ;) Corey, I have already hung the 3 Peas in a Pod wreath that you made - it has recieved a lot of compliments! Drew and Krilecia, I have all of your dvd's with me - thanks a bunch for sending them. Little did we know that I would need them so soon! Mom, Shane, and Al are bringing me things as I think of them.

I am afraid that Shane has gotten the raw end of this deal. It has not even been 2 days, but Shane and I know that we are facing yet another challenge. When will it end? We know that this is going to be another part of "one of the hardest things we will face". My poor Shane works all day long, goes home to see the puppies, comes to see me, and then goes back home to sleep - only to do it again. I just get to hang out at the hospital with the boys and get taken care of.

Have no fear, I am still working! I am not hooked up to any I.V.'s or anything - just on some pretty serious bed rest. I have access to a fax machine and my laptop with me. So, my company is still letting me work. How awesome is that? :) My doctors are telling me that it's good for me to keep working, it helps with my mental state. They don't want me getting depressed staring at the same walls all day long. It's good for me to have stimulation from the outside world, apparently it will keep me sane!

So, I have been inspired by my step-sis Meghan.....I will commit to "blog" more often. Sorry Meg, I don't think I will be posting any pictures from my hospital room. Well, maybe on a good day. Shane and his mom will be working on the nursery this weekend, hopefully I will get some pictures that I can post.

Please check my blog often and leave me comments. They stimulate my brain as well, so I welcome any comments! The boys and I will continue to rest and relax. Another post coming soon......



Amber said...

Oh Hope you are doing so so good! You need a nintendo! One of the old timey ones to keep you smiling in there. Check out on your computer I play with it alot with Adison and you will be pre-prepared when the boys get here! Thinking of you! amber

A Mom Two Boys said...

You're just awesome! I think I'd be a blithering idiot in your situation, but you're so upbeat and committed. Those little boys are LUCKY to have you as their mom!
Thanks for the mention! Take care of yourself! Keep checking should keep you entertained! :0)

drew said...

I am glad to hear that you guys are doing well. At least you have entertainment!! :) Krilecia is reading this over my shoulder and says she loves you. Talk to you guys soon. Let us know if you need anything else.


Elizabeth said...

Hope, Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. I have enjoyed hearing your stories through Randy and Vinnie. Now that I know about your blog, I don't have to wait around for them to keep me informed. I can send you some good books. I have read a few good ones! Just let me know! Lots of love, Liz p.s. those boys are going to want a little sister...