Sunday, November 18, 2007

25 weeks

The Kesler Crew has made it through another week! Now, we're ready for Thanksgiving. Yummy!!!

We got to see the babies this week, they are just too cute! My doctors are amazed at how well they are all doing. My high risk doctor calls us his "Rock Stars"! Baby A weighs: 1lb 10 oz, Baby B weighs: 1lb 10 oz, and Baby C weighs: 1lb 11oz - that's almost 2lbs each!!! Everyone is just thrilled that they are all weighing about the same and that they are growing just as they should be. We are being told that "the boys" are really about to start putting on some weight now!

With my new found gestational diabetes, I have to adhere to a pretty strict diet of counting carbs. I am also having to test my blood 4 times a day. To be truly honest with everyone, it is not fun. It is reassuring to know my accurate blood sugar throughout the day. So far, so good! My levels have remained within the limits set out by my doctors. Don't get me wrong, I am having some strong sugar cravings. Have no fear, I won't cave in to the cravings - you all know how strong willed I am! Please keep that in mind, I expect LOTS of hershey bars to be delivered to me as soon as I deliver the Kesler boys! :)

Shane was excited to go deer hunting with his brothers this weekend, unfortunately none of them had any luck. I am convinced that men just use hunting as an excuse to get together. Do they really hunt?

Because my movement is pretty limited, Mom decided to come stay with me Saturday night. We made the mistake of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she first got here. (I have never wanted a Hershey bar SO bad!) We just hung out, watched movies, and ate pizza. It was nice to have some girl time while the boys were in the woods hanging out, I mean hunting! I got to sleep in this morning and Mom went right to work unpacking the last of our boxes (all of my fine china), doing laundry, and taking care of me!

The boys have been moving at all hours of the days. I can't tell you how comforting it is to feel them move around. I am feeling more than one moving at a time now, it's just so wild! We go back to my regular doctor this week for a check up. We are also hoping to look at a new vehicle too, so wish is lots of luck - we need a good deal! I hope that everyone has a great week and enjoys your Thanksgiving eats, feel free to send any left overs our way!



Carley Guist said...

Glad all is well! I have to know...are you looking at a minivan? :)))

Amber said...

You look great. All I know is I looked just the same as you with just one.. what tha? I know you have had tons of hints or advice, but I have to give mine, which claire told me so you probably already know.. the book baby bargains. It really was helpful. Oh also my cousin had twins a little differnet but kinda close?, and she didn't buy two of everything she said hers never was using the same play thing as the same time so she bought different fun stuff to have variety. I don't know about that but I thought I would share. Keep doing a great job!!! I am so impressed. love. amber

Summer said...

I want you to know that I'm staying up to date with your progress through your blog. This is such a great idea. I'm excited that the babies are all growing so well and how weird it must be to feel 3 babies moving at one time. I doubt the guys are really focusing on the hunting. Get lots of rest and keep writing.

AMomTwoBoys said...

You're adorable! Can't wait to hear about the new car...I hope it has a DVD system, because believe me, you're going to need it in about 2 years! Especially with all the drives to Memphis you're going to be making to visit YaYa & Grandpa Al! Keep the posts coming...Love you!