Friday, July 24, 2009

Another SUPER savings week!!!

This was a really great shopping week at our local Kroger. I'll still have to go out and get diapers and a few more items for canning, but the grocery shopping was awesome!

I have had several people ask me how long it takes to get my shopping list together each week. Well, this week I decided to try and keep track of how long it took me to find/cut/sort coupons, then match them with deals. I would say it took about 3 hours of my time. In my opinion, it was time well spent considering my savings this week! Check it out.

EVERYTHING that I bought was ON SALE at Kroger this week. I had a coupon for about 92% of my items. Some of my super finds were:

6 boxes of Kleenex: $.66 each (normally $2.39 each)
2 boxes of Mini-wheat cereal: $1.74 each
1 box of Electrasol dishwasher tabs: $1.90
2 boxes of Zatarain's mix: $.62 each
2 jars of pickles: $.89 each
3 blocks of Kroger brand cheese: $1.66 each
1 Snickers bar: FREE
8 jars of Santa Cruz Organic juice: $.50 each (normally $3.25 each!!)
2 half-gallon SOY milk: $1.99 each
2 Box pizza: $1.50 each
2 pkg Bryan hotdog: $1.50 each

After all was said and done I got 39 items worth $109.33. I only paid $42.40 (before taxes and after a $1.00 Catalina). That's a savings of: $66.93!!!!

I would say my 3 hours spent working to get this deal together was very much worth it, wouldn't you? It's like I paid myself right at $22.00/hour! Maybe I could start my own business doing other peoples grocery shopping for them. Oh yeah, wait I have 3 toddlers to take care of - that's why I'm sharing it with you on line! If you do have a question about any of the specific items, please feel free to comment or email me. I would be happy to share any specific deals.

I've also been working a LOT on freezing/preserving items from our garden. Here are some tomatoes that I put up on Wednesday. I had to boil the tomatoes, remove the skins, seeds, and bad spots. Then I had to remove most of their juices and vacume seal the bags (which is kind of hard to do when you don't have vacume sealer). It took forever, so let's hope it was worth the time and effort. I hope to try my hand at canning some tomatoes this weekend. As always, I welcome your suggestions!


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