Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grocery Savings

Above is a photo of my grocery receipt from last week. Can you believe the savings? I spent $67.44 and saved $72.50. That's a 54% total savings!

Our local grocery store ran a pretty incredible sale last week and I was able to "stack" almost all of my purchases with coupons. By "stack" I mean that I was able to use a coupon for almost every item that was already on sale! Some of my great finds were:

Oscar Mayer hotdogs
normally priced at $3.29/pack
purchased 3 for $.99 each

Pampers baby wipes
normally priced at $2.69
purchased 3 for $.99 each

Finish dishwasher tabs
normally priced at $5.69
purchased 1 for $.49

Yogurt (4 pack)
normally priced at $2.29/pack
purchased 3 for $.88 each

Goldfish snacks
normally priced at $2.00
purchased 2 for $.49 each

My local grocery store is running another great sale this week, so I am anxious to see what other great savings I can get. I'll try to get a picture of my items this time!


orange1mail said...

Love it! Let's get on the phone soon to swap coupons. I've been clipping some that I think you might want to use. Awesome savings!


got to love that krogers market

Carley said...

OMG - you are AMAZING!