Monday, December 8, 2008

11 months and 5 days old

Paul, Clay, Seth - ready to go eat some breakfast!!!

I am in complete shock that this is where we are right now. I feel like I say it in every single post, but this past year has just flown by. We are just SO thrilled with how healthy the boys have been; with the exception of this week. The entire Kesler Crew is pretty much down for the count. We are all just taking care of each other at this point! We are thinking that this funk started a couple of weeks ago because we had to take the boys in for their flu shots. Paul was already not feeling well before that and now he has passed his germs over to his brothers and parents. Our poor little Clay has the worst of it though, probably because he was the last to get it. It could be worse, I know, but I am not use to having to take care of a less that stellar me, my sinusy husband, and three infants with the runniest noses EVER! I could probably win some sort of weird contest with all the snot being produced in the Kesler House.....not really....I don't even want to think about snot. Let's just nix the contest before it happens and have hopes that we are all better soon.
The boys playing in the kitchen. They LOVE that big window!
Paul and Clay sitting still long enough for me to catch their adorable faces!

There is Seth, just taking it all in....or his he plotting his next move? :)

I've really been taking time everyday to think about my life this time last year. In case you were wondering, I was LAID up in a hospital bed, and little did I know that I would be there almost a month longer. I didn't really get into the Holidays last year, for obvious reasons. It's just hard to celebrate when you uncomfortable, anxious, and just plain scared about the future to come. Being home with my boys is the sweetest thing. It has not been easy AT ALL, but it's worth it to us to make it happen and have faith that it will all work out. I am actively looking for work from home, so if any of our followers have some good leads to send my way....I welcome the conversation. I am sure that this first Christmas/NYE/1st Birthday with the boys is going to be very bitter sweet for us. My sweet little babies, I can't wait to see who they become....BUT NOT TOO FAST YOU HEAR!!!

We've been working on our holiday card to send out. It is TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH to get these guys to stay together to pose for a photo. But you all know me, when I am determined to do something I find a way to get it done! I'm sure it will be funny anyway! :)

Please leave me comments!!! I love hearing your thoughts on my blog entries. I have also been toying around the idea of doing a post where I answer questions for you. What do you think? You could post a comment or write it to me in an email. If I get some questions, I will happily dedicate a post to that. If I don't, well I may just post some questions that I know you people want to know. Let's work this out together, I'm all about the team work! Until we meet again....


Drew Reardon said...

Hate to hear that you all are sick. But the good thing is, its helping them become stronger. Heck, if you think about it, the sicker they are, the healthier they'll be!! :)
They are growing up so fast! I can hardly believe that it has been almost a year. INSANE!!!
Well, you guys be good and get to feeling better soon. Hope to hear from you when you get a sec.

Love to all,


Lecrisha said...

Hope yall feel better. Love you all and miss you.


AMomTwoBoys said...

Wanted to wish the boys a Happy Birthday!

We loved seeing you!

I LOVE YOU said...