Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Everyday changes.....


Here are some recent photos of the boys. They were all taken one morning after they finished breakfast. Don't they all look happy? They are all really good babies and seem to always be happy. Usually, the only time they get upset is when they're tired or hungry. (They get that from their Daddy!)
We've taken a couple of road trips and the boys have done SO well when we travel. It's a hoot to see my Tahoe loaded down with babies and all of their gear. Honestly, it wears me out to pack up all of their stuff. I am a list maker, so I make lists of everything we'll need a few days in advance. Don't you know, that I usually forget something....these kids are sucking away my brain cells!
The nights have gotten better. They boys are sleeping a LOT longer and we are SO happy! We usually have them in bed around 9:30pm and they are sleeping until about 4:45am. They will get up and take a bottle, then go back to sleep for a few hours. We can not wait for them to sleep on through. Because they are sleeping longer they are skipping a feeding. I use to make 18 bottles for a 24 hour period, now I make 15. It still equals out to A LOT OF FORMULA!!!
The boys are eating cereal now, with a spoon, and we're trying some fruits and veggies out with them. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to feed them. It takes about an hour to get through each meal and it is really hard on my back. (I should note that my back is still not right since giving birth.)
Seth, Clay, and Paul are all REALLY good at flipping over. Seth is a little ball of energy, we know it won't be long until we have 3 crawling babies all over our house! It's going to be complete madness I'm sure!
We also discovered that Seth has 2 teeth!!! I can hardly believe it, but he does. His 2 bottom teeth just appeared over night and he is just TOO cute! He loves to smile and show them off. They don't seem to be bothering him that much, probably because he sprouted them overnight. ;) He gets those pretty teeth from his Mom. Yaya (my mom) told be that my big brother, Ben, and I both got 2 teeth in when we were 3 months old. So, Shane and I are curious to see when Clay and Paul will start getting some.
The number 3 is BACK. I'm turning the BIG 3-0 this Friday, the 4th!!!! Yaya is going to babysit so that Shane and I can go to a local Blues Festival - we are SO excited. :)
We go back to the doctor next week with the boys for a check up. I will post new stats on them then. Until then.....

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Krilecia Gianakos said...

Hey there. I sure haven't seen Avery in a while. I guess since we putt-putted. He's the spitting image of Ben. You look great. I love seeing the pics of the family out and about. Hi to Shane. Miss you all.