Tuesday, October 23, 2007

22 Weeks

This is week 22 for our growing boys, and my growing belly. Each day I get bigger and bigger, my clothes just get tighter and tighter. I'm okay with these changes as long as these babies come in to this world happy and healthy. I asked Shane today if my belly looked bigger than it did yesterday and he said that it did. What do you know, I'm growing right before his eyes! :) For once in my life I don't mind getting bigger, it's just my disappearing belly button that I worry about. I sure like having it there! It is getting a little hard for me to move around, so I have to take things really slow - which you all know is not something that I like to do.

Every day I am amazed by how much love, support, and well wishes we get from family, friends, and even strangers. Shane's "honey do" list seems to be never ending, and he is such a trooper about it. Shane's parents came to visit last weekend, it was so nice to see them. They rolled up their sleeves with Shane and got to work on the nursery floor! Do we have any other volunteers? Come on down, just be sure to call before you haul - you never know what we'll have going on.

I go to the doctor again on Monday afternoon just to see how I'm progressing along. I am hoping they won't put me on best rest then. I'm really hoping that I can hold out until Thanksgiving. I can't imagine missing all of that good food, especially now when I can eat guilt free. You know that Shane and I have never had Thanksgiving at our house, I don't think this is the year to start!


PS - Everyone that keeps asking for pictures, I promise to post some soon.


Laurie said...

I am so excited for you guys. I wish I were there to bring you chinese food, or cookies, or whatever you are craving these days. Can I please have a long distance invite to a baby shower?? Good luck on the bed rest. I hope you get your holding out like you want. Miss you and love you lots!

Bebe said...

Hi Hope,

I actually cheated one Easter and brought dinner home from the Honey Ham Co. It was really pretty good. They have all the sides you might want also. I think they do Thanksgiving turkeys also. Just a thought.

Love you,

Krilecia Reardon said...

Hi Hope,

I can't wait to meet my "nephews". You're doing so wonderful. Everytime I talk to you lately you sound so excited. This is such a wonderful time and I'm glad to be sharing it with you.

Love, Krilecia

Chris J said...

Hope, you're awesome! And I can't wait to start photographing the Kesler tribe! I am looking forward to seeing the Kesler boys grow up. And believe me, time will absolutely fly by. . .after about the first year.

Sally said...

Have you been thinking about names? I was thinking maybe...
Moe, Larry, & Curly Kesler? Just trying to help you out with some serious decisions. See you on Saturday, Momma.

Krilecia said...

I got your email yesterday. Drew and I are thinking about you. Hopefully I can get up to see you soon. Miss you and love you.

Haley said...

I am so sorry that you have to stay at the hospital so soon! However, I know that you have to be the nurses' favorite patient on the floor (you know the one everyone fights over and they do this!) I enjoy reading your blogs, it is so nice of you to keep everyone updated! We are all so excited!You look so beautiful in the pictures! I am so glad that you have Shane to take care of you!
~lovin' the Kesler 5 from Florida